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Meet Our Team


Tamika McIntosh, Principal


Tamika is the Principal of TMcIntosh Procurement Solutions Inc.  She has years of experience providing strategic procurement expertise across a diverse business landscape. An energetic, persistent, and insightful leader, she has more than twenty (20) years of diverse business and customer service experience (fifteen years in Government procurement), with a focus on resolving issues and meeting clients’ needs.

Tamika’s achievements include the successful execution of various Projects & Contracts totaling over CAD $100M within scope, time and budget.

She was very instrumental in the creation, implementation and execution of internal Procurement business practices that resulted in a 80% reduction rate of non-compliance incidents over a one (1) year period. This accomplishment ensured proper use of approved Procurement Policies and Procedures, drastically improved employee engagement and had a demonstrated impact on productivity and cost savings. 

Our Consulting, Sub-Consulting and Advisory Team further consist of  Broader Public-Sector (BPS), Government Procurement  experts and Legal Counsel who have a proven track record of excellent service delivery and extraordinary success.