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Why Choose Us?



TMPS understands hiring full or part-time Procurement Staff can be costly as staff salary, benefits etc. are paid regardless of whether or not work exists.  Outsourcing your procurement needs with our firm will provide cost savings because our clients are invoiced only for the services performed by our Team. We offer a cost-effective fee structure and impart knowledge based on our years of diversified industry experiences.  


Our Team have years of experience specializing in Government and Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement.  We will ensure our clients obtain the best services and guarantee fast, efficient and timely service delivery. Our work promotes openness and transparency pursuant to Regulations and Trade Agreements.  




  • Procurement Consulting and Advisory
  • Market Research
  • Procurement Process Management- Inception to Award
  • Proposal / Tender Preparation and Submission
  • Contract Negotiation / Contract Management
  • Policy and Process Reviews
  • Training 
  • Advocacy